Swift -> Add tap gesture recognizer to views

There are two ways to add click event in swift, through storyboard or programmatically. Click depends on type of widgets. If it’s a UIButton, then it can be easily done through storyboard but if it is UILabel, UIView or even a UIImageView then you can implement click in code using UITapGestureRecognizer. Let’s start with clickContinue reading “Swift -> Add tap gesture recognizer to views”

Swift -> Show alert with alert action callback

Alerts are very important to show general/error information to user. In swift we can display alerts using UIAlertController. //This example is when there is no alert action required. You don’t want to capture user answer and just enable click on action items. This use case is important in conveying general information like “The sky isContinue reading “Swift -> Show alert with alert action callback”